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Posted on: December 28, 2013
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Gravity's Not Stopping This Rocket

Posted on: April 16, 2014
Gay Asian Porn

Rocket is 18 and deliciously fresh. He's "pansexual," and looking for whomever gives him that spark. As I shoot, and I do mean "launch," Rocket is one of those models who not only looks hot, but he is the "hole" package. Born in the US, he is of Korean descent; a first generation, with "ass-pirations" of his own. He chose his name because of his "distance;" which he does live up to. Chatting, he also mentions that he'd like to try some bondage and spanking, but for now, "I really just want one guy to fuck me good," which hasn't happened yet. Stripping with the music, his porcelain skin contrasts nicely with his red briefs. As a model, he's got what it takes and he's willing to share. As Rocket gets a morning call, he "wakes himself up" and begins to rub. Done with the call, he is not done with himself; using both hands, Rocket thrusts his hips and moans, touching his nipples and spreading his legs. Getting up to shower, he's not "shot" yet, but I'm sure his morning routine will end with a "bang." Soaping up, he then turns to let the water slide down his hot twink body; ah, to be those soap bubbles. Rocket then goes to check out some porn; getting very hard, and very horny, he begins to explore his hole. Zooming in on his head, precum starts oozing out; showing some "self-love," Rocket quickly licks up the nectar. As his hole puckers and is fingered, he starts to moan, "yeah, fuck, fuck; I think I'm gonna cum." Rocket gasps and he's not the only one. The countdown has begun...

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Japanese Boy - Akinori

Posted on: April 07, 2014
Gay Asian Porn

A little solo action today from Akinori, for us to enjoy. Just sit back and enjoy this model; feel free to jerk along as this twink is all about satisfying. Cock in hand, he works himself up as his balls bounce to the strokes; unshaven and all natural. Seeing his entire torso tighten and flex, he has a great body. Changing into several positions, Akinori knows how to arouse. Lying on the bed, Akinori tweaks his nipple while masturbating, enjoying all the self-pleasures. Lifting his leg, he presents us with his gorgeous hole, allowing our imagination to take over. Sliding his foreskin back and forth over the head of his cock, this boy tugs to orgasm. Close, he sits on the edge of the bed and shoots off his load, splattering the floor. All of the jizz leaves a sweet "trail" right back to Akinori.

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Passionate Pleasures

Posted on: April 01, 2014
Gay Asian Porn

We welcome Shosei on the right and his partner for today, Ryo. These sexy twinks for just want to get to the sex, but the director chats them up a bit about what they would like to do. Shosei usually tops, and that's just fine with Ryo, whose hole is puckering for a dick. In the tub, washing each other first, the boys explore one another as their passions grow. The two kiss, touch and orally delight one another in such a loving manner. Shosei is able to swallow Ryo all the way to his balls; as the bottom boy watches and enjoys, he holds his partner's hand. Ryo takes in the top's thick shaft and bobs, happily. Docking their dicks together, the pair soap up one another, then move to the bed for more "probing." They are so into one another, the world falls away; they adore what the other has to offer. Both dicks stay hard as their focus remains pleasuring the other. Shosei then has Ryo on all fours, lubes up the bottom's sweet hole, and fingers him passionately; the fucking will come next.

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Surfs Up

Posted on: March 21, 2014
Gay Asian Porn

WE FOUND IT! You probably remember our straight surfer boy, Leo, from the video "My First Time." That was his first gay experience and appeared with Yura. Usually, when we have a first time model appearing on we will post their solo video first as a way of introducing them to you. We thought we had lost Leo's solo until this past week when we discovered a file where it didn't belong. So with all due "delay" here is Leo's first video and solo with us. Leo starts out working with some weights on the bed before stripping off his clothes. He then lays back on the bed and we get a good look at his "manly" goods as he strokes one out for us. He's a quite one but our eyes are glued to the screen and this sexy surfer boy.

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Sensual Swordplay Part Two

Posted on: March 14, 2014
Gay Asian Porn

As the pair grind together, Hisoka gets on top and "works" his way down Shosei's nice cock. They continue to kiss and touch as they fuck. Shosei strokes the bottom's dick and the two drift off, together. While still in, Shosei rolls his partner into a missionary position; seems like as long as they are touching, all is good. I don't think I've filmed such a caring pair in a while; each thrust the top makes only enhances their bond. Watching for one another, Shosei bends down and cuddles Hisoka, still thrusting. From above, Hisoka is happy to take all of Shosei's cock and the two speed up until pulling out; they masturbate, still gazing. With a couple of gasps, Shosei's head reddens and the then explodes all over Hisoka's face and torso. The bottom tugs, but needs a bit more "mouth" to release. Happily, Shosei sucks and rubs on his partner; soaking Shosei's face, Hisoka too produces the juices of his hard work.

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Sensual Swordplay

Posted on: March 07, 2014
Gay Asian Porn

Pairing these two boys together was a no-brainer; presents Shosei and Hisoka, two very passionate and sensual guys. The romantic duo enjoy lots of foreplay and oral stimulation, without a care about anything else. The sword carrier is Shosei and the other, Hisoka. Watch and savor as they maneuver and explore; looks like they're using their tongues for most of the "trip." Shosei is on top, and by the time he gets to Hisoka's cock, it is in full measure. Hell, looks like they're both serious about this "swordplay" as each has a sizable weapon. Rolling Shosei over, Hisoka takes his turn on top. The kissing and nipple play is intoxicating; a slow, lovemaking session is at hand. As they 69 one another, the room goes quiet, but for the sensual slurping of cock. Checking with his partner, looks like Shosei will get to use his "sword" inside Hisoka; lucky boys. It takes a bit and several positions, but I'm sure these two are far from done. One Japanese saying is that, "a man in love mistakes a pimple for a dimple." In this case, I'm sure Shosei will use both Hisoka's "outtie and innie."

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Asian Twink Gets Snuffed By Tough Guy

Posted on: March 06, 2014

Asian twink getting snuffed by his master

When Jared asked Henry to come over to his house to hangout he was quite happy about it. He had a crush on Jared. He hoped they would makeout or even have sex by the time the night was through. Henry had no idea what his little twink ass was in for. Jared liked to play rough and wasted no time tying his little play toy up before snuffing him out by sitting on his face. Needless to say, Henry enjoyed the abuse. has thousands more Asian twink videos. Their brand of xnxx porn takes things to the extreme. Prepare yourself!

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