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Gay Asian Twinkz

Gay Asian Twinkz Blog

These horny gay Asian boys don’t skimp on the passion and raunch. Loaded with cock sucking, ass rimming, bareback fucking action, Gay Asian Twinkz is producing the hottest gay Asian porn around! Check out the free video clips here and see for yourself!

Doctor Twink

Doctor Twink Blog

Have you seen what that kinky Doctor Twink has been up to lately? If role play sex fantasy of a Doctor getting off on intense anal exams and anal probing, then fucking his cute twink patients turns you on, then you’ll want to check out Doctor Twink’s blog here!

Asia Boy gay Asian sex videos

Asia Boy Blog

Still actively producing hot gay Asian bareback sex videos, AsiaBoy consists mostly of cute, smooth Thai gay boys in gay duo’s threesomes, and even a few orgies. Currently they are producing some very hot big dick gay Pinoy boys bareback sex videos.

Gay Asian Piss

Gay Asian Piss Blog

Pretty much the only gay Asian pissing fetish site on the net, Gay Asian Piss is all about Asian boys giving each other golden showers while fucking bareback. There’s plenty real hot Asian gay bareback sex action, dildo fucking, and ass rimming aside from the watersports.

Laughing Asians male feet and tickling fetish videos

Laughing Asians Blog

Definitely the most unique and strangely sexy gay Asian fetish site, Laughing Asians takes these Asian gay porn stars, ties them down, and tickles the hell out of them. If you have a foot fetish or tickling fetish, you’ll love this site! Hey, whatever floats your boat is what I say!

Thai Gay Boys

Thai Gay Boys Blog

This archive site is loaded with hot gay Thai boys as well as hot Thai men a little bit older than the twink age range. There are plenty of downloadable Thai boy sex videos, and if you don’t want to download, all sites within the network stream very well in the member areas!

Gay Asian Uniforms

Gay Asian Uniforms Blog

This archive site is role play fantasy consisting of mostly military camouflage soldiers having bareback gay sex, a little pissing fetish, some light gay bondage, and plenty of oral sex. If you love cute gay Asian boys in uniform, check out the free clips in this blog.

Asia Boy Video

Asia Boy Video Blog

This archive site has 100′s of good ol’ hardcore gay Asian sex videos, mostly bareback fucking. This site adds real value to the Asian Twink Network. It’s loaded with gay Asian orgies, threesomes, and duos. All videos are downloadable, as well as streaming in the member area.

All Asian Sites

All Sites Blog

This blog is a consolidation of all posts in all the individual Asian Twink Network site blogs. Posts are listed in chronological order as they were posted. So if you want to see all posts without having to move from site blog to site blog, this is the blog you want.

Backyard Gay Bareback Sex


Cute 19 year old Asian twink Josh meets up with gay Asian boy Gilbert Carreon for some gay nudist fun in their backyard. The two horny boys have a seat on the bench and start making out. There is obvious chemistry between these two gay Asian cuties. After several minutes of sucking cock, the boys take turns having Asian gay bareback sex in the lush green garden.

Gay Asian Twinkz bareback sex videos

Gay Asian Bondage Twinks


These kinky Asian gay boys are getting into some gay bondage sex play with each other. One of the Asian twinks puts on a leather glove and starts fingering his tied up Asian boy in the ass. You gotta wonder what that feels like!

Well it’s obviously turning both of the gay Asian fetish boys on. But the anal penetration action doesn’t stop there. It’s followed with sticking a carrot up the ass of the Asian boy in bondage. This is some weird gay anal action!

These Asian boys are certainly having fun with the kinky gay Asian sex. And after probing his ass with various household and food items, the dominant Asian gay boy goes straight for bareback fucking this tied up twink. The Asian boys are enjoying every second of this incredibly kinky gay sex video. It definitely shows how weird things can get when you put two horny Asian boys who are into the same type of Asian gay fetish activities. It’s like a gay sex fantasy come true.

Asia Boy Video - gay Asian porn videos

Juicy Thai Boner


The juicy and spicy Thai gay boys of Bangkok hunger for Asian gay sex. Two Thai twinks, Robin and X, set up a meeting for a gay Asian bareback sex party. As the Thai gay boys start to gather, all of the cute boys are checking out each others boners. The yummy spicy cocks are tasting mighty good, and the Asian gay orgy starts to take form.

Robin licks his Asian gay boy’s tight ass to prepare the cute Thai boy for a hot gay bareback fucking session. These gay Asian twinks are hungry for anal sex. One Asian boy fucks so hard his balls are banging like crazy against Robin’s sexy bubble ass. The boys are out of control as their lust for each other goes through the roof. The gay Thai twinks are all in a bareback fucking frenzy, and Robin is the first Asian boy to shoot his cum shot. His Thai gay fuckbuddy shoots soon after, giving a cum facial to Robin. There really is nothing like gorgeous Asian boys fucking like they mean it!

Thai Gay Boys

Gay Asian Soldiers Fucking in Forest


Two gay Asian soldiers are on patrol in the forest, but seems they have gotten disoriented. When the gay Asian military boys realize that they are lost, they do not seem too concerned about their predicament. Probably because they are feeling a bit horny. Their seclusion motivates them to take full advantage of the opportunity to fulfill their gay Asian sex fantasy.

Both gay Asian soldiers want to experience a gay blow job outdoors. The cute Asian soldiers french kiss while exploring each others Asian twink bodies through their uniforms. But they want to feel each other’s smooth brown boy skin. Thomas pulls down the cute Asian soldier’s pants and gives him a blow job. Vernon is very sexually aroused by the cock sucking technique his gay Asian buddy is using, but he wants to wrap his mouth around Thomas’ cock. Thomas, still clothed in his military uniform, prompts Vernon to his knees, and reciprocation begins. Finally, their Asian gay sex desires for each other are coming true! Soon the two gay Asian soldiers are fucking bareback outdoors in the forest.

Gay Asian Uniform fetish

Asian Twinks Bareback Checkup


In this gay Asian sexual role play fantasy, Doctor Twink is challenged by his cute Asian boy patient to diagnose what is the cause of his ailment. Dedicated as Doctor Twink is, he will continue all the kinky methods he has in mind. Because what matters most is getting to the horny Asian gay sex on the medical exam table.

The cute Asian gay boy laying completely naked on the exam table is sporting a boner. He is obviously sexually aroused by the young cute Asian twink doctor. The horny Asian boy is dreaming of gay anal sex with his cute medical professional. The anal exam continues and both doctor and patient are getting very horny for each other. They both have gay sexual role play fantasies happening in their minds for each other and they both sense it.  Doctor and patient move closer to having Asian gay bareback sex on the medical exam table. Finally, it happens. The gay Asian sex fantasy has begun. The cute patient is now bareback fucking his doctor!


Gay Asian Boys Passion


Gilbert Carreon is our cute gay Asian party boy. Today he gets to be the top bareback fucker in this passionate and erotic bareback fucking scene with the handsome and horny Argie. The two lovebirds dowse themselves in cock sucking before the Asian gay bareback sex begins.

Argie and Gilbert really display horny gay Asian desires in this scene. You will love the close up shots of the anal penetration and the ass pounding adventure carries on. These Asian gay twinks love having sex.

Ticklish Gym Boy



Ricky and ticklish Asian boy Vahn are beginning a workout on the home gym. Vahn is new to gym workouts, so Ricky offers some training. But Ricky has other things in mind. Ricky has a fetish for tickling male feet, so he convinces Asian boy Vahn to have his legs restrained to the leg lift assembly.

Ricky gets some cling wrap and restrains Vahn’s legs to the leg lift good and tight so he can’t move. He adjusts the weights so that it’s way too heavy for Vahn to push down. Once Vahn says it’s too heavy, Ricky says, “I have a way to help you push harder”. He begins to unlace Vahn’s white Nike shoes. “Hey why are you taking my shoes off?” asks Vahn. And Ricky pulls off his shoe to reveal his white socks foot, and rakes his fingers up his sole, making Vahn jerk against the restraint. Ricky proceeds to scribble his fingers up and down his socked foot. Vahn giggles and pleads, asking “Is this part of the routine?”. Ricky then peels off his white sock slowly while tickling his heel and up his bare sole as he lifts the sock off. The most fantastic male foot tickling ensues. Ricky pulls off the other shoe and sock and Ricky begins teasingly and delicately scribbling his fingernails all over Vahn’s smooth sensitive soles. Vahn’s feet flail about wildly, laughing and struggling against the cling wrap. Ricky ties his arms above his head and tickles the hell out of his armpits, driving Vahn buggy with non-stop tickling and hysterical laughter. Ricky has a field day tickling his gym buddy’s feet, driving him insane with laughter.

Piss Play With Big Dick Arjo

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Big dick Asian twink Arjo, just like everyone else, has takes a liking to Gilbert’s smooth bubble ass. Today our gay Asian boys are going to engage in some piss fetish gay bareback sex action. The two Asian boys start off with some watersports piss play in the bathtub. Gilbert wants to spend a nice long time with that huge cock in his mouth before he takes it in his ass.

Between pissing on each other, the two cute Asian boys bareback fuck each other in the bathtub. The golden showers are turning them on, so the gay Asian boys switch from fucking to pissing and back to the gay bareback sex. It’s getting a bit cramped and uncomfortable in the bathtub, so the sexually aroused Asian twinks take their horny gay Asian sex activities into the bedroom. Both of the gay Asian twinks are horny as hell for each other. Now Big Dick Arjo and Gilbert spend some time in an oral gay sex fest on the bed.

They take turns ass rimming each other and sucking cock. Gilbert wants to probe Arjo’s ass with a dildo for a while before they get back to the gay Asian bareback sex. Arjo is new to being a gay bottom boy, so he’s moaning pretty well. Finally after Gilbert finishes priming Arjo’s twink hole with the dildo, Gilbert inserts his raw cock and starts drilling some Asian twink ass. The two Asian twinks switch roles again and now Gilbert is taking Arjo’s huge Asian cock up his arse. Finally after a long exhausting gay sex festival, the two Asian boys lay down and have a jerk off contest on who can blow their cum shot first.

Gay Asian Piss


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